Episode 15: Parental Rights, Divine Agnosticism, Reading and Much Much More

Episode 15 - Parental RightsJared and Wayne cover the gamut of topics this week including a mom who stood up for her parental rights, condemning people for lack of church attendance, a healthy dose of divine agnosticism, changing morals in our culture, why kids don’t read and people who obsess about their pets. If there is a topic out there, Wayne and Jared cover it in this week’s rapid fire speed round of a podcast.  Make sure to listen to the podcast and check out the links below. Also, make sure you vote in our first ever Bible Awards (see Episode #13). The voting is open through next Monday afternoon and results will be announced on a very special episode next week.


Parental Rights

Church Attendance

Divine Agnosticism

Changing Moral Acceptability

Why Don’t Kids read?

Pets Are Not Kids!!!!

Evangelism Linebacker (the video we promised)

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